Description of Leslie Spit Revisited No. 2 (click image for info)

If you visit the Leslie Spit, you are literally on top of the city of Toronto – the wondrous nature preserve that has been created from the rubble of the torn-down buildings of an old Toronto. Among the trees and wetlands beavers, turtles, a myriad of birds and other wildlife have made The Spit their home. And not yet quite hidden by the rich greenery, you will find the detritus of the city – broken bricks, concrete and rusted bits of iron.

I took the pictures of grasses and concrete bricks while biking on the Spit. Then printed the photographs on cotton. Pieced and machine quilted.

Exhibited at the 2018 International Art Quilt Exhibition in Beijing and Shenzhen, China.

Finished Size: 16″ x 19″

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