Are you, your school, organization or guild planning a conference, workshop or other event? Do you need a speaker or workshop leader?

I have two live virtual lectures available for you and your guild or organization via Zoom. The lecture fee is $425.

Prices are in US$. Please contact me for a Canadian price list.

“PRINTED AND DYED FABRICS – A JOURNEY OF BEAUTY” (1 hour)                    This power point lecture is an introduction to the magic of colour and pattern in printed and dyed fabrics from around the world as well as hand printed and painted fabrics that you can create yourselves and incorporate into your quilts or other projects. As I take you on a visual textile trip, you will experience not only the beauty of printed fabrics, but also the techniques used in producing these exquisite textiles. Sit back, get inspired and just enjoy!     $425.

(Please contact me for more information)


“HOW TO USE YOUR POTATO MASHER” (45 min. – 1 hour)
In this power point lecture I will show you how you can print on fabric using “found objects” all the way from A (for Apple) to Z. While screen printing was my first and enduring love, I also love using ordinary objects to create patterns. So far I must have a collection of 30+ different potato mashers, which I can use to create an infinite variety of patterns and textures. One of the ways I do this is by manipulating and pulling back the wet pigments on the fabric surface. The sole of a pair of winter boots, a golf ball, hair curlers, irons, credit cards – and of course potato mashers – no textured thing is safe from experimenting!. Enjoy the experience and learn how these everyday objects can become the basis for colourful fabrics!    $425.


Please contact me to book a live virtual lecture for your guild, conference or group, and to check for available dates.


THIS is a video presentation of my online lectures for Quilt Guilds and Conference, which appeared on Global Quilt Connections on Feb. 24, 2021.

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